Weight Loss Starter Pack

The bundle is your ultimate weight loss starter pack. 


It includes:

  • The Weight Loss Recipes - Valued at $20
    • 40 recipes
    • 5 step formula to creating healthy meals
    • Plus bonuses


  • Evidence Based Health Tips - Valued at $12.00
    • Stop following useless (and even potentially dangerous) information that impacts your overall health! Instead, follow these tips for a healthier, happier you that are based on proven evidence!

    • Discover how choosing the right combination of power foods will lead to optimum health and how to exploit them for an instant boost in energy and focus!

    • Find out how you can extend your life span and improve every aspect of your health!

    • Get on the path towards living your best life by avoiding the 2 most harmful toxins found on page 11!

    • And much more - all within this special report!


  • Recharge Your Body - Valued at $16.50
    • Why You Feel Exhausted Even on Your Best Days
    • How Mental Exhaustion Affects the Whole Body
    • How to Overcome Mental Exhaustion
    • Activities That Raise Your Physical and Mental Energy Levels 
    • Revitalizing Foods to Boost Your Energy All Day
    • How to Rest If You’re an Insomniac
    • Colors and Scents That Add Pep to Your Step
    • How to Improve Your Energy by Staying Hydrated
    • And more...


  • 1% Better Every Day - Valued at $21.00
    • How Kaizen works
    • Where it comes from and how it got started
    • The 5S of Kaizen
    • The balance between Kaizen and Kaikaku
    • How to use micro workouts
    • The power of “tiny habits”
    • The neuroscience of effective change
    • How to correctly write goals
    • How to balance efficiency and optimization with a fulfilling and relaxing lifestyle
    • Changing your lifestyle in subtle ways that help you lose weight without exercising
    • Creating an effective budget you actually stick to through small decisions daily – and racking up HUGE savings accounts as a result
    • Improving your productivity by making small and measurable improvements to your workflow
    • Applying Kaizen to business in order to grow your empire
    • Using tiny changes that will make you happier, more energetic, more confident, more charismatic and more
    • Using Kaizen to gain huge amounts of time in your day so that you can accomplish tons more
    • Using incidental training to get the body you want without even trying
      Employing checklists and systems to eradicate errors
    • + much, much more!


  • Anti-Ageing Super Foods - Valued at $11
    • Whether you're looking to turn back the hands of time or you're looking to lose weight and tone your body, the power foods featured on page 6 will help you start the transformation process so you look and feel years younger!

    • Forget about expensive treatments or surgery; you simply don't need either! With the anti-aging foods found on page 12, you'll be able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles quickly!

    • Explore the top foods for increasing the one thing that leads to youthful-looking skin! Just by eating a couple of these proven anti-aging foods will prime your body and make you look as though you've uncovered the fountain of youth!

    • Don't miss our Anti-Aging Secret Weapon found on page 18! With this information, you'll never have to purchase expensive skin lotions, creams or treatments again!


As an added bonus you will be able to book in a 45minute call with me, where we can go through your health goals and build out a plan for you. 


All this is worth over $100 but if you purchase it in this bundle you will get it for $47. There is a limited amount of these bundles so don't miss out!

Weight Loss Starter Pack

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