Weight Loss Recipe Pack

Weight Loss Should Be Simple

Let me just say you can lose all the weight you want going plant-based without a struggle, without starving yourself, and without denying yourself your favourite foods. 

So the first thing we need to do is get rid of the "deprived" mentality once and for all. 

I want you comfortable with the idea that this isn't a "starve yourself thin" program. 

You can eat simple to prepare, delicious foods, every single day on your journey. 

And you don't need to track everything you eat. 

I promise you there's a better way. 


Let Me Do All The Work For You

Most people I know eat the same meals, again and again, they get bored, and begin to cheat. 

They don't fall off the wagon, they leap off because...

They're "hangry" - they are hungry and angry at the same time. 

So I'd like to do all the work for you to free you from the hard part of going plant-based and losing weight. 


Forget boring foods for breakfast. You’ll love my smoothies, bounty oats with dark chocolate, strawberry protein chia pudding, tropical granola & much more.

Lunches will make your mouth water with creamy sundried tomato pasta, veggie burgers, green sushi salad with crispy tofu, tofu caesar summer rolls, grilled pumpkin & bulgur salad, and other tasty, simple to prepare dishes.

Dinners will be filling, delicious, and nutritious. Choose from chickpea & tahini stuffed aubergine, sweet potato saag aloo, quick vegetable curry and more.

That’s why I’ve created something special and unique…


Get Instant Access To The Weight Loss Recipe Pack

Here is what you will get

  • 40 Plant-Based Recipes including mains, salads, breakfast and even smoothies

  • My 5 Step Formula to creating a perfectly healthy meal every time

  • Plus special bonuses to help you stay on track and become the healthiest you have ever been. 

Weight Loss Recipe Pack

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