How To Layer Your Smoothie Ingredients To Get The Best Results

I have a smoothie almost every single day as they are a fantastic way to get some extra fruit and vegetables into me. To read my top 5 reasons for drinking a smoothie every day, click here.

To make the perfect smoothie where everything is blended well, you need to make sure you are putting the ingredients in the right order. It may seem silly, but trust me, it makes all the difference.

1. Liquids

Liquids should be the first ingredient you add to your blender. Keeping the fluids at the bottom allows the blender to create a "vortex", quickly pulling down all the ingredients from about. Remember, the amount of liquid you use will determine the consistency of your smoothie. Less liquid used will make a thicker smoothie, which is excellent if you are making a smoothie bowl. While more liquid will give you a smoothie easier to drink.

2. Powders and Sweeteners

This is where you want to add in anything like protein powder, boosters like cacao powder or sweeteners like dates or agave syrup. It is best to put them in straight after the liquid as it will give it the best chance to dissolve in the smoothie. It is never fun when you get the unpleasant powdery or chalky texture. You can also add in spices, herbs and natural extracts at this point.

3. Leafy Greens

Next up are those leafy greens like spinach and kale. I love adding them into my smoothies as you can't even taste them, but you are getting all the fabulous nutrients from them. Make sure you remove any woody stems. It can also be a good thing to do a quick pre-blend after adding any greens. Out of all your ingredients. Leafy greens are probably going to take the longest to break down. Therefore it can be helpful to give them some extra blending time.

4. Soft Ingredients

From now on, your ingredients will be added to the blender based on their firmness. Soft elements include things like nut butter, plant-based yoghurt and silken tofu.

5. Fresh Fruit

I don't add many fresh fruits into mine as I prefer to have them all frozen, however, if you do add any fresh ingredients like berries, oranges, apples or avocado you would add them here. To help the fruit blend better, consider cutting them up first. It will help if you don't have a very powerful blender.

6. Nuts and Seeds

Here is where you add in things like flax seeds, chia seeds, cashews etc. You may want to soak ingredients like cashews and almonds if you add them, so they blend easier.

7. Frozen Ingredients

Time to add in any frozen fruit or vegetables at last. By putting these dense ingredients on top, you are helping to push the other ingredients down towards the base. So everything can be blended well. If you don't have a high-powered blender try grating ingredients before adding them to the blender. This especially works well for ingredients like carrots and beetroot. If I were you, I would also skip the ice as it waters down your smoothie as it melts. This is why I use all frozen fruit and vegetables, so I still have an icy cold smoothie. Alternatively, you can try freezing your plant-based milk in ice trays instead.

Alright time to start blending. Start at a low setting, once it is running smoothly crank it to high then blend until smooth. You may need to stop to shake the container or scrap the edges to get things moving.

Also, note that the longer you blend your smoothie, the more it will start to melt due to the heat of the blender. However, you can usually get it all blended in under 60 seconds if you have a high powered blender.

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