Eat Slow. Lose Weight.

I know, I know this sounds way too good to be true right? Well, guess what it can actually work for some people.

Maybe you’ve heard you should eat slowly, chew your food fully, and be mindful of what you eat...

But do you know WHY this is important for weight maintenance?

There has been some research done that suggests that eating slowly gives your body a better chance to register satiety cues, enjoy food more, and ultimately, lead to less mindless overeating.

There is a thing called retronasal olfaction that is responsible for smelling the food as we eat it. This is important for satiation. Studies show that if we keep food in our mouth longer (chew slower), it allows us to smell and taste it better, which sends a signal to the brain that we are getting enough nutrients.

Which is why slow and mindful eating will leave you more satisfied.

It is important to note the role the brain plays here. How we feel about food is important.

When we smell something delicious, our brains get the signal that it’s time to eat. The body starts preparing for food (saliva, stomach enzymes, etc.).

When we are hungry, we may feel irritable. When we are full, we may feel uncomfortable.

How we feel determines how we will act.

Eating slowly and mindfully will send a signal to the brain and make us feel full... therefore eating less.

A recent study found that Japanese adults with type 2 diabetes who wolfed down their food were 29% more likely to be overweight. Fast eaters were 42% more likely to be overweight than people who ate "slow as molasses."

So there you go guys, are you trying to lose weight? Try eating slowly and you may just start to lose weight from that.

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