Could Daily Stress Be Stopping You From Reaching Your Health Goals?

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Stress is all around us, money, work, relationships, family... It can all stress out at one time or another. However, we don't let this stress get the better of us. After all, stress holds us back from being the best that we can be.

I commonly see those who have high-stress levels, lacking results when trying to change their body, health and overall quality of life. In a very similar way to poor sleep, it can put the brakes on progress, even if training and nutrition are spot-on. Of course, we all suffer stress at some point in our lives.

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We are all involved in regular stressful life situations. Just look at the last few months with all this COVID-19 stuff. People have lost their jobs, loved ones and on top of that can't even get emotional support in person as we are all in self-isolation.

Stress is a burden on the body, and if it becomes chronically elevated and prolonged, we can end up massively fatigued and run down. This is when it can put a halt to any body composition changes. What we don’t always realise is the potential damage stress is doing to the inside of our bodies and how it affects our health.

So, how can you relieve your stress?

Step 1: Assess the stressful areas of your life

Family, friends, career and money issues can all be stressful issues at times, and it’s important to manage these as much as possible. Find the root cause(s) of stress.

Step 2: Put a simple daily habit into place to reduce, manage or eliminate the causes.

One simple habit you could implement is practising the art of daily meditation. It has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of reducing overall daily stress. Of course, it isn't for everyone, but it could be a good place for you to start.

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Other habits could be taking more regular breaks at work, or getting more exercise daily, or socialising more with friends and family. Remember to relax, laugh, sleep and have sex as much as possible, as these reduce stress levels in the body.

Reduce the main stressors in your lifestyle and remember not to take life too seriously all the time. You only have one life, so make time for fun and happiness.

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