A well-stocked spice rack can actually help you have a more wholesome diet.

Have you ever eaten a plate of vegetables without any seasonings? If you had you probably didn't like it very much. This is because it often tastes plain and therefore bad to us.

In a study published in the Journal of Food Science, University of Colorado researchers reported that people enjoyed a low-sugar apple crisp with cinnamon just as much as a high-sugar option without the flavour boost of cinnamon.

In another study published in the Food Quality and Preference journal, it reported that high school students preferred vegetables from the cafeteria that had seasons such as dill and coriander on them versus plain ones.

This is because seasoning food with spices makes healthier foods more desirable. This is why you will never see me eating plain veggies. I always have some sort of herb or spice on them to make them that much more yummy.

Plus as you can see in the apple crisp example herbs and spices can add a flavour burst that can help you reduce the amount of oil, salt and sugar you use in a recipe.

But other than making meals that much more delicious and inviting it can also make them healthier. For example, if you have a bowl of whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and broccoli, this will have around 150 units of antioxidants. But if we add just 1tsp of dried oregano to it, that number doubles to 300 units of antioxidants! Not only that but you will be adding even more vitamins and minerals to your meal.

So next time you are cooking have a play around with your herbs and spices and see what you can add-in. You will probably notice I put lots of herbs and spices in my recipes.

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