A Secret Smoothie Ingredient to Try Today

Who loves smoothies? I do even though it's coming into winter. And I have just found a new smoothie ingredient that I am adding to all my smoothies. It's one I hadn't actually thought of before, as I always used it as a vegetable. But smoothies aren't just for fruits any more!


Yup, that is my secret ingredient. Usually, when I have beetroot I have it roasted with other veggies, in a salad or on a burger. But now that I know how good it can taste in a smoothie and all its health benefits I can't believe I hadn't tried it before.

If you don’t really like that taste of beetroot, then no worries you can totally mask the flavour and still soak in all the benefits.

Beetroot Benefits

There are heaps of benefits to beetroots and I know you don't want to be reading this blog post all day so I will try and make them short and sweet and to the point.

Benefit 1 - Helps detox your liver

It contains betacyanin which helps detoxify your liver and your blood and eliminate fatty acids and toxins from your body. This is great as it is a natural way to detox your body and promote a healthy liver.

Benefit 2 - Help regulate your metabolism

Next to its rich in potassium, which helps balance electrolytes and regulates your metabolism. Having something that helps regulate your metabolism is great as those that have a slow metabolism tend to have more leftover calories, which sadly get stored as fat. But the beetroot can help get your metabolism going and help reduce that problem.

Benefit 3 - Has an anti-inflammatory agent

It also contained betaine, which is an anti-inflammatory agent, which means less swelling in your body, whether it is from an injury or from unhealthy foods that inflame the body.

Benefit 4 - Lots of Iron and Vitamin C

One quite common problem is that us humans can easily become low in iron. But lucky for us, beetroot has loads of iron. But not only that it also has vitamin c in it which helps our body absorb the iron. Vitamin C also helps you have better skin and can give a boost to your immune system.

Benefit 5 - Has antioxidants

It has antioxidants that are also going to help give your immune system a boost.

Benefit 6 - Low-glycemic

And the last benefit is that it is a low-glycemic food which means it’s going to give you a steady amount of energy, instead of a quick high and then low.

How good are these benefits? Have I convinced you to try it yet? Well, I hope I have but before you go ahead and make that delicious beetroot smoothie I will be sharing with you some prepping tips.

Beetroot Smoothie Prepping Tips

  1. Always peel your beetroot, this is so you don't get that earthy dirt taste in your smoothie.

  2. Peel and cut your beetroot/s into cubes and freeze them to have on hand and throw into your smoothie when needed.

  3. If you don't have a high powdered blender then steaming your beetroots will help maintain a smoothie texture. With a high-powered blender, you shouldn't need to, and can just put them in raw.

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I am sharing one of my favourite beetroot smoothie recipes below but you can add beetroot to any smoothie. If you don't want there to be a change in flavour then only add a little bit. To make this smoothie into a smoothie bowl add the smallest amount of water. To make it a drinkable smoothie add the larger amount of water.

What you should do now

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