8 Cheap Plant-Based Groceries That Will Save You Money Next Time You Shop

One of the most common myths I hear is that eating a vegan or plant-based diet is expensive. While this 100% can be true if you are only eating vegan convenience foods or junk food, you can save money if you buy the right groceries!

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Purchase the following foods to keep your grocery bill down:


This is one of the cheapest fruits you can find. Especially if you live in a tropical area that grows them. I like to freeze extra ones to use later in smoothies or to make ice cream.


To save the most money purchase dried beans or lentils from the bulk bins. However, the canned versions can also be budget-friendly.

Frozen Produce

While many people believe it isn't as healthy; the vitamin levels are usually higher since they are flash-frozen straight after being harvested. Frozen vegetables work best when they aren't cooked for too long. Otherwise, they can go mushy. A good option is to flash stirfry then in a wok.


Possibly one of the cheapest grains you can get. You can make numerous types of breakfasts out of it, not just porridge! It is also a good source of iron.

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Pasta and Noodles

My advice would be to stick to whole-grain versions. They are both cheap and have additional fibre and prevent spikes in your blood glucose. There are so many varieties that will suit many meals.


This is one of my favourite vegetables, but it tends to get a bad rap. Which is mostly because of the way people cook it or what they put on top of it. However, potatoes are full of vitamins and very budget-friendly.


This amazing grain is a staple in many peoples diets and can be used in just as many dishes. The bigger the bag you get, the cheaper it will work out to be. Check out bulk food stores and warehouses to get the lowest price.

Seasonal Produce

When fruits and vegetables are in season, they are so much cheaper. Another plus, their nutrient content is higher since the produce is often fresher. Have a little search of what is in season each month where you live, and you are sure to save.

I don't know about you, but I can think of 100's of cheap and easy meals using these groceries. Do you think incorporating them into your meals will help you save money? Let me know if you think I am missing anything!

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