6 Week StepBet Challenge: Can You Actually Get Paid For Walking Every Day?

As it comes to the end of the year a lot of us can get so caught up in the holiday season that we let all our good habits go. We don't eat as healthy or eat way too much, and exercise goes on the back burner for a little while. Whilst I want you to enjoy the silly season, you don't want to let go of all your good habits, because they are going to be 10 times harder to start again next year.

Especially with Covid this year I have been feeling the struggle with reminding myself to do even the simplest of exercises like taking a walk or getting off the sofa.

However, in recent years, there has been a rise in fitness apps that pay you to workout or lead a more active, healthy lifestyle. These fitness apps can be great because they offer a great incentive to give you the motivation to finally achieve your fitness goals, plus, earning a little more income is never a bad thing!

One such app that I am loving for me and my clients is StepBet. I may be a health coach but that doesn't mean I don't love a little extra motivation, and I'm sure you won't mind it either.

What is StepBet?

StepBet, owned by WayBetter, is both an Android and Apple app that helps you to reach your fitness goals by essentially placing a bet on yourself.

StepBet offers multiple mini-games or steps challenges for users to choose from. Or if you are really into it you can create your own and get people to join it. At the start of each game, all the participants are required to bet their own money usually $40usd but can be anything from $10usd to $100usd. Depending on the game you choose you could have 10 people or less in it or up to 1000, which of course affects the pot of money you could be winning at the end.

Each participant must reach their individual step goals every day for multiple weeks (Average 6 weeks). If you fail to reach your goals, you lose your money. While if you reach your goals, you split the pot of money along with the other winners.

How does StepBet work?

Once you download the StepBet App (available both on Android and Apple phones) it will automatically run through a couple of prompts.

  1. Sync A Electronic Pedometer You will need to sync with an actual electronic pedometer. These can be a wearable Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch, or you can use your phone's internal pedometer through Google Fit or Samsung Health. I will say though I would recommend using a watch to make sure it includes all your steps. It is to easy to leave your phone on the bench at your desk etc when you go for a walk.

  2. Your step goals are chosen for you automatically StepBet will link to the device you've chosen and review your past step history to create new step goals for you. Which is part of the reason I like this app. It is made for people of all levels. If your history shows that you normally walk 7,000 steps a day your daily goal will be around there. Each "daily goal" is specific to you as an individual so you are not competing with anyone except yourself.

  3. StepBet Membership You will initially be encouraged to sign up for a monthly membership. Whilst this does give you access to more games, different types of games, multiple games at a time, and has higher payouts. For your first game, I would stick to the "normal" experience to see if you actually like it and want to continue.

  4. Join A Game All games are hosted by real people also participating in the step challenges. You can set up your own game to play with friends and family, open it to the public, or join someone else's game. Because the app is based on a community pot payout, the larger the buy-in and more players involved create higher rewards if you win and other people fail. Most games have a bet of $40 and a length of 6 weeks.

Your StepBet Goals

Like I mentioned about Stepbet workouts your step goals for you based on your previous active history and a few other factors like your age. Goals are calculated using a weekly format, and it's easy to track how many steps per day you should be taking to reach your goals.

There are 3 main sections for your weekly goals

  • Active Days - a standard step day (must hit 4 times a week)

  • Power Days - Push yourself to reach a slightly higher amount of steps (must hit 2 times a week)

  • Free Days -Don't need to reach your goals (can use once per week)

As you become more active, StepBet will gradually learn to assign harder step goals since they use the previous history to make decisions.

The Cash Out

As mentioned you need to bet on yourself to be apart of the game/challenge. Most of the time this is $40usd but please note it may change depending who is running the game. If you have 300 players in your game that means that there is $12,000 in the cash pot, that will evenly be distributed back to the winners at the end of the game.

However there is one catch, StepBet does take 15% of the gross amount of the pot. However, if all the players win and no one drops out they won't take a cut and you will get your $40 back. Which means you WILL NEVER lose money as long as you complete your goals and win the game.

When you win a game, your money will be deposited as points into your StepBet account. These points can either be used to bet on a new game which makes it super convenient if you want to keep playing. Otherwise, you can cash out through a Paypal account within 48 hours.

Of course, you aren't going to get rich by playing these games. But that's not the objective of the app. It is just to motivate you to keep active. Plus I don't know about you but $40 is a decent amount of cash, I want it back even if I don't get any extra on top of it.

Is Stepbet Worth The Effort?

Yes! It is 100% worth it if you are wanting to make sure you are staying active and committed to your goals. It combines exercise and winning real money! Plus if you are only just starting to get back into an active routine your step goals will reflect that and won't make you go too hard to fast.

You are also not competing with anyone but yourself, so long as you are vigilant in meeting your individual step goals, you'll leave the app with money in your pocket. Plus if you are lucky, maybe a few walking friends.

If you are interested in joining in on one of my StepBet challenges, join my Facebook Group or follow me on Instagram to see when I am running my next one!