6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

I don't know about you but if I take the time to workout I want to do my best and make it count. This is why I have come up with 6 tips to get the most out your workout.

1. Hydrate – Hydration is so important for so many reasons but did you know your muscles are 80% water! So it makes sense that they function more effectively when well hydrated. A study at the University of Connecticut found that people could do 17 more reps per 3 sets when well hydrated! So make sure you have some water with you whilst working out so you don't dehydrate. But also make sure you are well hydrated before you even start working out.

2. Workout with a friend – Having the support, accountability, and even friendly competition of another person will help you to stick to your workout plan. Or if you can't workout with a friend tell another friend/family member when you will be working out so that you still have that support and accountability.

3. Listen to music – The College of Charleston found that people could do 10 more reps of various exercises when listening to their favourite music.

On the other hand, a different study showed that watching TV actually hinders your workout. Exercisers worked out 5% harder when they were NOT watching TV versus when they were. Losing your thoughts in a TV program takes your mind and focus off of your workout.

So have your motivational music but just don't get distracted!

4. Think positive – If you say you can, you will. If you say you can’t, you can’t. Pretty Simple.

5. Workout with a trainer – Working with the trainer consistently keeps you accountable and motivated, ensures workout variety, allows for safe progressions in your routine, allows for more variety in your workouts, and gives the client and trainer time to fix any imbalances and improve on core strength and flexibility.

6. Think about your core – A study at Utah State found that telling people to tighten their abs when performing squats showed a 167% increase in core activity!

Also, pay attention to the muscle group you are working. Often, if you are trying to target a weaker muscle (such as the triceps), you will overcompensate with a larger muscle group (such as your back or shoulders) and not reap the desired benefits of the exercise. So focus on the move and think about the muscles you should be feeling.

Remember these things the next time you workout and you will do great!

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