4 Tips To Help You Enhance Your Meditation Practice And Reduce Stress Today

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In a previous blog post, I talked about how stress could be stopping you from achieving your health goals. I also mentioned how meditation has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of reducing overall daily stress.

So if you want to try out meditation to help you reduce your stress, here are some tips to help you.

#1. Find a quiet spot

Sometimes early morning is best before others in your house might be awake. Others, for example, might find a spot in a park or on the beach on their lunch break. It really doesn’t matter where — as long as you can sit without being bothered for a couple of minutes.

#2. Sit comfortably

I personally like to sit on my bed, but anything that you find comfortable will do. You can, for example, place a pillow on the floor and rest your back against the wall, find a suitable chair or even lie down.

#3. Start with just 2 minutes

This is a really important point. You’ll find it much easier to start this way, and forming a habit with a small start like this is a method much more likely to succeed.

Try expanding it to 5 minutes if you can do the 2-minute meditation for 7 straight days, then 7 minutes if you can do it for 14 straight days, then 10 minutes if you can stick to it for 21 straight days, and 15 if you can do a full month. But don’t increase your meditation time unless you didn’t miss a day the previous week.

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#4. Focus on your body and breath

First, notice your body — what position are you in? Are your ears, shoulders and hips aligned? Now check in with your breath. As you breathe in, follow your breath in through your nostrils, then into your throat, then into your lungs and belly. Sit straight, keep your eyes open but looking at the ground and with a soft focus.

If you want to close your eyes, that’s fine. As you breathe out, follow your breath out back into the world. If it helps, count ... one breath in, two breath out, three breath in, four breath out ... when you get to 10, start over. If you lose track, start over.

If you find your mind wandering (and you will), just pay attention to your mind wandering, then bring it gently back to your breath.

Repeat this process for the two minutes you meditate. You won’t be very good at it at first, most likely, but you’ll get better with practice.

And that’s it.

It’s a very simple practice, but it's a great way to form the meditation habit and then experience all the benefit it brings.

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