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Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are a big passion of mine, especially after going vegan. While I wouldn't say it is hard to be healthy on a Vegan diet, it is an adjustment. 


We can't just keep eating the way we were but swapping meat and dairy products for vegan replicas. While it will probably taste good and be easy for you, you aren't going to be helping your health by eating all that processed food. 


I worked that out pretty fast, so I went to my doctor who recommended seeing a nutritionist. But here is the thing, neither of them were vegan or even vegetarian. While I know, they were trying to help; they just weren't giving me the help I needed. They just gave me some print outs and general advice like make sure you get enough iron and B12. Which let's be honest you can get off our good friend google. 


Instead, I read blog posts, news articles, journals and ended up doing a Diploma in Vegan Nutrition. And this journey has led me to add in a health and wellness section to this website, which will be the main section now. 


So I can help you with your health and wellness journey I would like to invite you to book in for a free Transformation Session with myself where we will jump on a quick call to discuss a step by step action plan for you. 


Don't worry, it is zero obligation, and we can do it at a time that suits you. Just click the button below, fill out the application and book in a time slot that suits you. 

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