How would it feel to have a weight loss plan, so in tune to your lifestyle you lose weight effortlessly? 

Want to join my Built By Plants Program?

"The last nutrition program you will ever need to join!"

Lose & maintain weight loss

Re-Learn your body's hunger & fullness cues

Break free from yo-yo dieting cycle

Free yourself from thinking about food all the time

Stop overeating & binge eating

Stop counting calories and macros

Are you ready to lose weight without counting calories, weighing food, or constantly opening the snack cabinet because you’re hungry?

Do you need it to be simple, easy, with no scouring for random ingredients, you have never heard of?

If this sounds like you keep reading!

Hey! I'm Cat. 

I'm an online health coach, founder of Where My Footsteps Go and hiking enthusiast. I love helping busy women lose inches off their waist in 90 days by following a plant-based lifestyle. 

A plant-based diet is one of the best ways you can lose weight sustainably and keep it off for life - by eating the right foods. 

There is absolutely no counting calories or weighing portions in anything I teach. It's not my style, and I'm sure it's not yours!

I have created this program by helping women from all over the world and I want to share it with you so that you can create the body and lifestyle you want and deserve. 



The Built By Plants Program

This program is for those busy women out there who have decided it is time to kiss goodbye to all the fad diets, meal plans, counting calories and macros once and for all. 

Instead, I will be teaching you how to eat healthier and create a sustainable plan for you. So you don't only lose inches off your waist, but you have more energy, new habits and a new appreciation for your body. 

My program focuses on building a sustainable lifestyle which means I don't just focus on nutrition but also your mindset, movement, sleep, stress and even hydration. 

​So what is included?

  • Private contact from me! including:

    • Personalized weekly check-ins

    • Weekly lectures focused on a range of topics from nutrition to relearning hunger cues, stress, exercise and more

  • 300+ Recipes

  • Facebook community support 

  • Plus more!



Whilst I want to help as many people as possible, I know my program and my coaching style isn't for everyone. Which is why every single one of my clients is asked to take part in a 60-minute transformation session. 

Through my transformation session process, we will

  • Uncover what is and isn't working in your current lifestyle.

  • Unlock your "why" to help you stay motivated during your weight loss transformation. 

  • Map out an action plan for you to reach your goals

Then if you want to build this out hands-on together, and I'm positive I can actually help you get the results you want quickly, I may invite you to become one of my new clients I take on - but there is absolutely no guarantee that I'll make that invitation and of course zero pressure from you to accept. 

After our power-packed session, you will be inspired to stop making excuses and start making moves towards your goals, the best part is the investment for this call is only your time!

If you are ready to start creating the body and lifestyle you have always wanted, then click the button below and book in a call!